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A (for this year) digital conference via Linköping University

Respected names within the fields of both A.I. and Cognitive Science and others will gather to talk on issues that are becoming more and more important for each day that passes by. What does the scientific forecasts actually say regarding the future of Artificial Intelligence? What does it mean for us humans? What should we do about it?

Outstanding scientific research meets philosophy when answers to these questions are presented in the form of exciting lectures given by eminent experts in the field. What they have to say is as important as it is interesting. is something you do not want to miss out on – that we can assure you.


You'll find the livestream of the conference on Facebook Live.
The stream will be broadcast from Konsert & Kongress livestudio in Linköping. Learn more about Linköping as a future-oriented city to live and work in here.


On Wednesday the 2nd of December. The stream starts at 10:00.


It’s for free! Thanks to the generous support of our partners we can make sure that EVERYONE who wants to can take part of this highly important content - without having to pay for it.

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The program

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The exciting speakers for this year's conference. Click on the speaker cards to read more.


Fredrik Heintz

Associate Professor, Linköping and Chairman at the Swedish AI Society

Artificial Intelligence - What is it and Where are we going?


Peter Gärdenfors

Senior Professor of Cognitive Science, Lund

Discussion: The future of AI and man’s place in it


Sofia Thunberg

Robotics entrepeneur and PhD student in Cognitive Science, Linköping

The Role of Man in a World of Robots


Christer Sturmark

CEO at Fri Tanke and Author

Discussion: The Future of AI and Man’s Place in it


Fredrik Löfgren

Lecturer and

AI and the Future – Threats and Opportunities


Ashkan Fardost

Digitalization Expert

From Tribal Days to Cyberspace!


Carolina Olsson

Technology community manager and Moderator

Discussion: The Future of AI and Man’s Place in it

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